Money Doctors: The Experience of International Financial Advising 1850-2000

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Money Doctors: The Experience of International Financial Advising 1850-2000
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Can economics help make the world a safer financial place? Are there any trends in money doctoring? What can we learn from case studies? How is consensus about appropriate policies built? These are the main questions that this book seeks to answer.

Money Doctors brings together internationally respected specialists from ecnomics, history and political science such as Harold James, Louis Pauly and Kenneth Mouré. First providing a short history of money doctors, the book then goes on to cover such themes as:

* the IMF and policy advice
* the Russian experience
* contemporary money doctors

The book shows that there is still a long way to go before international financial advice develops into something that is truly helpful in the long term. Marc Flandreau has pulled together a stimulating, comprehensive and authoritative book that will be of great interest to students and academics involved in international finance and banking. Perhaps more importantly, the lessons learned from the book will go on to help future money doctors and the recipients of their advice.

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