My Big Book of Healing: Restore Your Body, Renew Your Mind, and Heal Your Soul

My Big Book of Healing: Restore Your Body, Renew Your Mind, and Heal Your Soul
Sage Publications
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Originally published in 1993 by Nataraj as A Passion to Heal, this popular companion and guide to deep inner healing is now revised and updated for a new generation of readers as My Big Book of Healing.Many people are dealing with addiction and abuse issues. Others suffer from physical ailments. Some are recovering from the emotional fallout of growing up in a dysfunctional family. My Big Book of Healing provides one-stop shopping for anyone in search of emotional and physical health.Renowned author and spiritual teacher Echo Bodine shows readers how they can heal from eighteen illnesses, addictions, and "distractions," including: the debilitating power of secrets chemical dependencies excessive weightloss or weight gain stress and depression fear and resentment loss and grievingAfter exploring these common personal issues, Bodine offers concrete, easy-to-understand guidance on where and how to find the deep inner healing necessary to overcome these issues. She takes readers...

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