My 50 Most Memorable Hands

My 50 Most Memorable Hands
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This instant classic relives the most incredible hands by the greatest poker player of all time. Great players, legends and unforgettable events in the history of poker march in and out of fifty years of momentous hands. Sit side-by-side with Doyle as he replays the excitement and life-changing moments of the most exciting and crucial hands in the history of poker - his early games as a rounder in the rough-and-tumble? Wild West? years where a man was as likely to get shot as he was to get a straight flush, to the nail-biting excitement of his two world championship titles. Doyle brings to life the high stakes tension of sidestepping police, hijackers and murderers, competes for hands worth more than a million dollars, and sweats out situations where his last dollar relies on the outcome of a card. Engrossing, captivating, riveting, and ultimately, educational, this is a momentous and thrilling collection of great stories and sage poker advice from the living legend himself.

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