MySQL®/PHP Database Applications

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MySQL®/PHP Database Applications
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Learn what it takes to get data–driven Web sites up and running using PHP 5 and MySQL The popularity of using MySQL and PHP to create organized and efficient Web sites is growing at a steady pace. MySQL has proven itself to be fast, robust, and easy to use. It works well with PHP, and it’s perfect for Web applications for simple to robust sites. For many developers, PHP is the next obvious step from HTML due to the fact that it was written specifically for use on the Web, it’s cross–platform, and it’s relatively easy to understand and write. MySQL/PHP Database Applications, Second Edition, demonstrates Web–application development using MySQL and PHP by presenting multiple practical, ready–to–use examples ranging from a simple guestbook to a fully functional e–commerce site with a shopping cart. Other applications include a catalog, a content manager, a threaded discussion, and a problem–tracking system. You’ll learn the essentials of working with MySQL and PHP so you can start...

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