Narrative : National Gallery Pocket Guide (National Gallery London Publications)

Narrative : National Gallery Pocket Guide (National Gallery London Publications)
Edition Olms
История и критика
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Book DescriptionEvery painting evokes stories, often as many stories as it has spectators. Yet the stories are not necessarily those the artists meant to tell. Narrative paintings, explains Erika Langmuir, become harder for spectators to understand when they are shown out of their original context. Over time, viewers become less familiar with the literature and artistic conventions of the past, and when painters draw on more wide-ranging and obscure sources, the narrative structures embedded in visual art are frequently left unexplored. In this beautifully illustrated Pocket Guide, Langmuir familiarizes the modern viewer with some of the best or most intriguing examples of Western narrative painting. She examines the different styles of narrative painting and demonstrates how narrative pictures evolved, how they differ from others that only seem to convey stories?and how viewers? irrepressible tendency to make up stories eventually helped to erode that difference.

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