Natural Gas in Asia: The Challenges of Growth in China, India, Japan and Korea

Natural Gas in Asia: The Challenges of Growth in China, India, Japan and Korea
Oxford University Press
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The next decade will be crucial for Asian gas markets and determine whether natural gas will become a major fuel in the key energy markets of China, India, Japan and Korea, or will remain a "promising" but peripheral energy source. Natural Gas in Asia is a new edition of a 2002 study on the future of natural gas in the major energy markets of Asia. The 2nd edition has been substantially rewritten and completely updated, and contains two new chapters on South East Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. The future energy needs and environmental problems of China, India and the rest of Asia are considerable. A major question is whether gas supplies can and will respond to expanding demand for the cleanest fossil fuel? Large scale projects will need to be implemented in Russia, the Central Asian Republics and the Middle East to bring required supplies to Asian markets in the years to 2020. This book assesses the economic opportunities, political obstacles and other challenges--both...

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