New Market Mavericks (Wiley Trading)

New Market Mavericks (Wiley Trading)
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Том 1. Из юношеских стихотворений. Листопад. Новые стихотворения 1901 года. Стихотворения 1902 года. "Песнь о Гайавате" Лонгфелло, Том 2. Рассказы 1892-1902 гг., Том 3. Стихотворения 1903-06 гг. Стихотворения 1906-1911 гг. "Годива" поэма А.Теннисона. Из "Золотой легенды" Логфелло. "Каин" мистерия Байрона. "Манфред" драматическая поэма Байрона. "Небо и земля" мистерия Байрона, Том 4. Рассказы 1903-1910 гг. Храм Солнца, Том 5. Деревня. Повести и рассказы 1911-1912 гг., Том 6. Рассказы 1911-1913 гг. Стихотворения 1912-1913 гг. Рассказы 1913-1915 гг. Стихотворения 1911-1915 гг. Статьи и заметки


Geoff Cutmore offers a fresh approach to the age-old battle of profitable investing in uncertain times. With most experts now predicting volatile stock market conditions in the years ahead, many old, tried-and-true investment strategies no longer work. Cutmore reveals how some well-known investors continue to make money in these difficult economic times. "Through the biggest equity bubble and bear market in a generation Geoff Cutmore has been a pivotal commentator on these unfolding events in his role as main anchorman for CNBC Europe’s award winning business breakfast programme Squawk Box. In this book Geoff provides a fascinating insight into some of the leading characters in the investment industry and how their alternative investment styles have worked during the biggest bear market in a generation. It is essential reading for all those people who have an interest in investment and can help investors understand some of the different investment...

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