New New York Interiors

New New York Interiors
Дизайн интерьера
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It has been over ten years since Taschen s original "New York Interiors" was published and while much has changed in the Big Apple since then, the city is still bristling with an exciting and eclectic mix of cutting-edge movers and shakers a fact that is quite perfectly reflected in its interiors. Since Manhattan has become overrun with luxury lofts selling like hot-cakes for tens of millions of dollars, trendy Brooklyn neighborhoods such as Williamsburg have become the new destination for those looking not only for a slightly less expensive apartment but a taste of relaxed, neighborhood living (and in consequence Brooklyn s prices are starting to soar as well). Hand-picked by editor and author Angelika Taschen, this spanking new collection of interiors explores an array of homes as dizzying as the diversity of the New Yorkers themselves. Peek into the apartments of artist Terence Koh, director Spike Lee, musician Rufus Wainwright, and actress Julianne Moore among many others to get...

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