New Progress to First Certificate

New Progress to First Certificate
Cambridge University Press
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Ship or Sheep? An intermediate pronunciation course


"New Progress to First Certificate" is a completely new edition and very different from the second edition. Most of the reading and listening texts, activities and exercises are completely new, but the features that teachers and students have appreciated and which led to so many successful exam results have been retained. The revisions and changes are based on detailed comments and reports from teachers who had been using the second edition successfully for many years. The format of each unit in "New Progress to First Certificate" provides a more balanced lesson structure and increased flexibility. "New Progress to First Certificate" is easy to use and helps students to make progress throughout their First Certificate course to the point where they can realise their potential in the exam and achieve the best possible grades. The revised FCE examination, introduced in December 1996, ushered in many changes to the exam syllabus. The level of the exam remains the same, and...

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