Organizational Culture Assimilation of Associate Faculty:

Organizational Culture Assimilation of Associate Faculty:
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Why has associate faculty not been involved with their colleges beyond instructing courses? So often one hears the department cannot ask associate faculty to do extra tasks, assuming they do not have time. This was not the case with me. During the second semester I was teaching part-time at the college, the department chair addressed me if I were interested in participating on a committee, helping providing insights to associate faculty perceptions and conditions. I felt humbled; I felt special to be the one chosen to serve the college in a special capacity. This was the starting point to my involvement with the college. I became the representative of the associate faculty as well as the Leadership committee, followed by various other committee memberships. Two years later, while working on my doctorate, I was fortunate to have the support of the Vice President For Learning to conduct a college wide survey on integrating associate faculty into the college, which I then expanded to a...

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