Organizing for Better Meetings

Organizing for Better Meetings
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This 105-page, spiral-bound handbook is found in the travel kits of many seasoned meeting planners mostly because of its 450-point checklists covering all phases of meetings they review to prevent embarrassing and expensive oversights. Every item on thechecklists is covered in the text with explanation and examples. Each of the 26 checklist topic headings gives the page in the text where the topic is covered. Examples: Checklist for the Meeting Room. See page 23. Checklist for Audiovisuals. See page 63. Checklist for Handling Meeting Speakers. See page 5. Meeting formats like conferences; case method; question and answer; rap session; simulation exercises; brainstorming; role-play; buzz groups; skits; panels and in-basket exercises are fully described. Conference leading techniques, chart work, and the use of questions to draw out responses and stimulate thinking answer the needs of a professional meeting leader. 88 stunts to use in emphasizing points and livening up...

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