Outsourcing Information Security

Outsourcing Information Security
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This comprehensive and timely resource examines security risks related to IT outsourcing, clearly showing you how to recognize, evaluate, minimize, and manage these risks. Unique in its scope, this single volume offers you complete coverage of the whole range of IT security services and fully treats the IT security concerns of outsourcing. The book helps you deepen your knowledge of the tangible and intangible costs and benefits associated with outsourcing IT and IS functions. Moreover, it enables you to determine which information security functions should be performed by a third party, better manage third-party relationships, and ensure that any functions handed over to a third party meet good security standards. From discussions on the IT outsourcing marketplace and the pros and cons of the IT outsourcing decision process, to a look at IT and IS service provider relationships and trends affecting outsourcing, this essential reference provides insight into how organizations are...

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