PCPhoto Digital SLR Handbook

PCPhoto Digital SLR Handbook
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Общедоступная история астрономии в XIX столетии


From the editors of PCPhoto magazine, the number one digital photography magazine, comes the most comprehensive guide to the fastest-selling cameras made today. Here is a photographer’s dream manual, with the newest and hottest cameras, high-quality images, and unequaled, in-depth information provided by an expert author and PCPhoto, the best photography magazine on the market. The handbook includes a thorough, in-depth examination of what makes digital photography special, and how the LCD monitor changes the way you shoot. There’s a discussion of the importance of resolution, the various formats and file options available, and memory cards and storage choices. Tips on getting the best exposure, making the most of flash, using different lenses and filters, and finding effective ways of applying image-editing software will all help photographers get truly creative.

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