Painting Flowers & Gardens: In Watercolor and Pastel

Painting Flowers & Gardens: In Watercolor and Pastel
Dover Publications
Пастель. Акрил. Тушь
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Возникновение биосферы, Размерность пространства в микромире, Асимметрия и возникновение жизни, Динамическая нестабильность воды, Биогенная нефть, Дно океана, Феномен близнецов, Миграции индоевропейцев, Призвание варягов, Преодоление язычества, Страх, Три кризиса Розанова, Физика духа


Book DescriptionA practical and inspiring watercolour and pastel book on an ever-popular subject. Flowers and gardens provide irresistible subject matter to amateur artists. However inspiration from their own gardens or the wealth of parks and public gardens about the country is not always easy to translate on paper. As an accomplished painter who also has a passion for flowers and gardens, Alison Hoblyn brings readers a rare insight into the practicalities of painting with watercolour and pastel, plusthe problems and pleasures to be encountered in capturing the essence of a garden scene. In addition to giving sound, practical advice, the book takes readers further by relating the observations made through painting gardens to an understanding of theirdesign. It also shows how to bring the best out of individual blooms, and groups of flowers.

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