Personal Construct Psychology: New Ideas

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Personal Construct Psychology: New Ideas
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This book presents the latest thinking and research in Personal Construct Psychology (PCP) covering a broad range of areas of interest to both researcher and practitioner. It provides reports of empirical research, reflections by practicing personal construct psychologists and conceptual analyses of issues pertaining to current and emerging theoretical issues in PCP. The book consists of five sections covering:
  • Theory and History
  • Assessment and Understanding
  • Problems of Living
  • Evidence-Based Interventions
  • Other Interventions, Clinical and Educational

Contributors are international scholars and practitioners based in a variety of clinical settings. In addition, the contributions reflect the internationalisation of PCP, with contributors coming from the USA, the UK, Europe and Australasia.

Personal Construct Psychology is a valuable resource for a wide range of health professionals, educationalists and practitioners in counselling and clinical psychology.

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