Personal Efficiency (Classic Reprint)

Personal Efficiency (Classic Reprint)
Новые поступления - 2010 г. Здоровье духовное и физическое
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CHAPTER ONE To Win You Must Take Aim Limited Vision The great American need is for Means Limited a vision of a larger life and its pos-Possibilities sibilities. Our vision is limited, our aspirations are limited, and therefore our possibilities are limited. Our vision is limited because we lack a definite aim, a definite ambition, a definite purpose. Larger Vision A prominent commerical school president once said that no prospective student had ever come to his school and asked him what kind of a faculty he had, or what kind of an education he would get. He said the prospective student asks just two questions. The first is: "How much will it cost, or rather how little will it cost?" and the other is: "How soon can I get through?" Rapidity rather than efficiency is the watchword of the American youth. He practices a hand to mouth philosophy. He has practically no vision of the future. He is thinking of to-day and its problems. He is not thinking of what he miAbout the Publisher...

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