Peterbilt: Long-Haul Legend

Peterbilt: Long-Haul Legend
Издательство Ивана Лимбаха
Поступления 2009 г. Наука. Разное
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This illustrated history follows Peterbilt from its beginnings in 1939 to its emergence as one of the most successful manufacturers of semi trucks in the world. It highlights models that have made Peterbilt such an outsize presence in the trucking industry, as well as those trucks that figure prominently in the Peterbilt story. From the rarest Peterbilt ever manufactured (a mere 10 of the 346) to the company’s flagship truck (the 379, built from 1987 through 2007), these are the trucks and features, the innovations and marvels of engineering, detailed in this book, that have made Peterbilt a name to be reckoned with in trucking worldwide.

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