Philosophy of Science

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Philosophy of Science
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"By skillfully blending classics with provocative recent pieces that integrate real science into philosophical discussions, Lange stimulates his readers to do philosophy of science, rather than just learn it."–– Richard A. Healey , University of Arizona "Lange has assembled a fine collection of essays in philosophy of science, including familiar established classics, as well as exciting new contributions. The result is an engaging anthology, and anyone interest in the subject, at whatever level, willenjoy and learn from it." –– Barry Gower , University of Durham "I?m not usually a fan of anthologies, but this one is excellent. Marc Lange provides just the right mix of background material for these important and interrelated papers, supplying key insights, connections, and context, while always letting the pieces ultimately speak for themselves." –– Richard DeWitt , Fairfield University Philosophy of Science: An Anthology assembles...

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