Platform for Change

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Platform for Change
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The Stafford Beer Classic Library "Stafford Beer is undoubtedly among the worlds most provocative, creative, and profound thinkers on the subject of management, and he records his thinking with a flair that is unmatched. His writing is as much art as it is science. He is the most viable system I know." Dr Russell L Ackoff, The Institute for Interactive Management, Pennsylvania, USA. "If…anyone can make it [Operations Research] understandably readable and positively interesting it is Stafford Beer…everyone in management…should be grateful to him for using clear and at times elegant English and…even elegant diagrams." The Economist This is a highly original book both in content and format. It presents thirteen ‘arguments for change’, these are linked by a personal commentary, and by a deeper, ‘metalinguistic’, commentary. Platform for Change is completely self-contained, does not deal at all with the nature of viable systems, but is directed towards the hope that our planet may yet...

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