Pleasures and Days: And Other Writings (Hesperus Classics)

Pleasures and Days: And Other Writings (Hesperus Classics)
New York Review Books Classics; Reprint edition
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A stunning volume of philosophical reflections, short narratives, and prose poems, Pleasures and Days provides an early glimpse into Proust’s genius as a collector of exquisitely poignant sensations and recollections. Foreword by A.N. Wilson. Set amid the salon society of fin–du–siA?cle Paris, these sketches and short stories depict the lives, loves, manners, and motivations of a host of characters, all viewed with a famously knowing eye. By turns cuttingly satirical and bitterly moving, Proust’s portrayals are layered with imagery and feeling—whether they be of the aspiring Bouvard and PA©cuchet, the deluded Madame de Breyves, or of Baldassare Silvande, steeped in memories, regret, and final understanding at the end of his life. Novelist Marcel Proust (1871A­1922) was a prominent figure in the French salons of the late 19th century; he is best remembered for his seven–volume masterpiece In Search of Lost Time.

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