Practical Advanced Periodontal Surgery

Practical Advanced Periodontal Surgery
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Practical Advanced Periodontal Surgery offers a step–by–step guide to cutting–edge surgical techniques as well as interdisciplinary treatment approaches in periodontology. It details procedures in a practical, succinct, thorough and accessible way, profiling more complex and advanced procedures, through a user–friendly and highly visual format . By presenting an innovative approach to each treatment modality, Practical Advanced Periodontal Surgery provides predictable solutions to complex daily dental challenges. Practical Advanced Periodontal Surgery explores the expanding scope of periodontics, equipping the reader with a clear understanding of the techniques involved and the rationale needed to comprehend their context. The book concentrates on some of the more challenging and advanced surgical aspects of periodontology, profiling procedures as they relate to other disciplines, such as orthodontics, restorative and implant dentistry, oral medicine, and...

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