Practical Handbook of Grouting

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Practical Handbook of Grouting
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The first complete handbook for every aspect of grouting technology The Practical Handbook of Grouting offers the most comprehensive, single–source reference covering all facets of grouting technology, including its application for control of water movement, strengthening of both soil and rock, and a wide range of structural applications. Richly illustrated with hundreds of informative photographs, graphs, and figures, this handbook provides invaluable advice on all stages of a project from initial investigation and design, through execution, monitoring, and quality control. Broad coverage in the Practical Handbook of Grouting begins with a general overview of the topic and includes design and quality control issues, injection techniques, and a thorough discussion of drilling and grouting equipment, with practical focus on building custom equipment. Enriched with real–world insights from the author, the Practical Handbook of Grouting features the latest information on: ...

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