Practical Standards for Microsoft Visual Basic

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Practical Standards for Microsoft Visual Basic
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Because Visual Basic powerful development capabilities are within ready grasp of both the professional and the recreational programmer, many Visual Basic developers are self-taught-and therefore lack formal training on programming standards. But anyone who writes even a single line of code-and especially developers working in concert on a single project-should employ some basic, standardized techniques to optimize application maintainability and extensibility, as well as sidestep costly errors and pitfalls. But until now, there has been no definitive handbook describing these standards. Practical Standards For Microsoft Visual Basic fills this critical need, providing pragmatic guidelines on both where and how to apply programming standards for maximum benefit. Readers discover that by consistently utilizing standards in how they design interfaces and organize code, they can realize substantial gains in efficiency, reliability and performance-for themselves and in the solutions they build. Key Book Benefits:* Provides pragmatic guidance and advice on programming standards to the community of * Visual Basic developers-many of whom lack formal * training in the areas of standards * Compiles professional standards for Visual Basic in practical and easy-to-read format * In addition to delineating standardized techniques, book also suggests guidelines for their application, helping individual developers or teams of * developers optimize their time and resources and avoid the consequences of sloppy design

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