Principles of Electric Circuits: Electron-Flow Version (5th Edition)

Principles of Electric Circuits: Electron-Flow Version (5th Edition)
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This full-color guide provides a clear introduction to DC/AC circuits with numerous exercises and examples, an abundance of illustrations, photographs, tables and charts, and a strong emphasis on troubleshooting. Uses an electron-flow approach throughout, and incorporates mathematical concepts only when needed to understand the discussion. Covers everything from components, quantities and units to voltage, current and resistance; series circuits; magnetism and electromagnetism; phasors and complex numbers; capacitors; inductors; RC and RL circuits; circuit theorems, and more. Considers reactive circuits by circuit type as well as by component type . Integrates many TECH Tips (Technology Theory Into Practice) and PSpice Computer Analysis sections that apply theory learned to a practical activity using realistic circuit board and instrument graphics. Weaves worked examples and related exercises throughout to clarify basic concepts and illustrate procedures and...

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