Pro ASP.NET for SQL Server: High Performance Data Access for Web Developers

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Pro ASP.NET for SQL Server: High Performance Data Access for Web Developers
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Pro ASP.NET for SQL Server: High Performance Data Access for Web Developers explains how to use ASP.NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005 most efficiently together. It covers all crucial performance issues and illustrates optimal techniques with enterprise-quality development.

Performance is always an issue, and optimizing database access is one of the most daunting performance challenges facing web developers. With Brennan Stehling as your guide, youll explore the many overlaps of web and database technologies, including configuration, programming, performance tuning, and deployment. You’ll learn how to make high-performance database access not just a goal, but a reality.

What you’ll learn

  • Discover what impedes ASP.NET 2.0 access to SQL Server 2005 and how to make web applications and databases work blindingly fast together.
  • Learn to make the subtle choices between DataSets, DataReaders, and DataObjects, to simplify code and maximize performance.
  • Optimize data-bound controls and create your own.
  • See when a custom database provider is advisable and how to build one.
  • Understand how to monitor and measure web/database performance.
  • Learn to build, deploy, and configure enterprise-level web applications against SQL Server 2005.

Who is this book for?

Anyone involved in .NET web development will find this book invaluable. Whether you’re struggling just to handle traffic or scaling up to meet demand, you’ll find all the tools, tips, and techniques you need for high-performance web access to databases. If you want to build enterprise-level web database applications 100% of the time, this book will telland showyou how to do it.

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