Pro Spring Persistence with Hibernate

Pro Spring Persistence with Hibernate
Microsoft Press
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Pro Spring Persistence with Hibernate is primarily for Spring developers and users who want to persist with Spring using the most popular persistence framework, Hibernate. Persistence is important for creating a data access–based transactions tier, central to financial, insurance, and banking applications. This book is a comprehensive, professional, practical, and example–rich learning reference and guide. It concludes with a comprehensive sample application to pull together the concepts learned and demonstrate the differing aspects they bring to developing in the Spring Framework environment. What you’ll learn See what Hibernate is and get a tour of its configuration manager, mappings, types, session APIs, queries, and more. Integrate Hibernate and its plug–ins into the Spring Framework as part of your enterprise Java stack development. Prepare a Hibernate application using Spring. Learn about working with Spring AOP, transaction management, web development, and unit...

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