Proceedings of the Conference on Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing

Proceedings of the Conference on Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing
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This book brings together contributed papers presenting new results covering different areas of applied mathematics and scientific computing.

Firstly, four invited lectures give state-of-the-art presentations in the fields of numerical linear algebra, shape preserving approximation and singular perturbation theory.

Then an overview of numerical solutions to skew-Hamiltonian and Hamiltonian eigenvalue problems in system and control theory is given by Benner, Kressner and Mehrmann. The important issue of structure preserving algorithms and structured condition numbers is discussed.

Costantini and Sampoli review the basic ideas of the abstract schemes and show that they can be used to solve any problem concerning the construction of spline curves subject to local constraints.

Kvasov presents a novel approach in solving the problem of shape preserving spline interpolation. Formulating this problem as a differential multipoint boundary value problem for hyperbolic and biharmonic tension splines he considers its finite difference approximation.

Miller and Shishkin consider the Black-Scholes equation that, for some values of the parameters, may be a singularly perturbed problem. They construct a new numerical method, on an appropriately fitted piecewise-uniform mesh, which is parameter-uniformly convergent.

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