Process Engineering Equipment Handbook

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Process Engineering Equipment Handbook
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The first practical guide for process engineers, covering nearly every type of process-related equipment, Process Engineering Equipment Handbook is the fastest way to master process environments. This hands-on reference helps you-*Understand and specify all types of auxiliary process equipment and materials.*Provide engineering and operating expertise on machinery that is of prime importance in process engineering, including compressors and pumps, gas and steam turbines, fans, blowers and motors-both as individual components and as part of a supplied total package.*Explore various applications, such as mechanical drive and direct drive (power generation service) for gas turbines, major support systems including instrumentation, and key components such as bearings and seals, all with reference to practical applications.*Troubleshoot and solve problems in unfamiliar machines and components*Work effectively with control, environmental, mechanical, civil, and other technical specialists.*Handle issues with filters, seals, fans, dryers, nozzles, gaskets, elements made of unusual materials, blowers, connectors, gas and steam turbines, conveyors, feeders, joints, mills, controls, and many other categories of process equipment.*Gain valuable insight into the topics of vibration analysis and life-cycle assessment.*Perform major and minor audits of existing plants and machinery trains.The best source of on-the-job guidance for process engineers, Process Engineering Equipment Handbook provides the answers you seek, in quick-access alphabetical order.

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