Programming Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Developer Reference, 4th Edition

Programming Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Developer Reference, 4th Edition
Microsoft Press
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Артур Джермин, В склепе, Собака, Заброшенный дом, Наследство Пибоди, По ту сторону сна, Кошки Ултара, Болото луны, Затаившийся страх


This practical, authoritative, popular reference now in its fourth edition shows developers how to develop applications for the newest generation of mobile and embedded devices. Focusing on the core operating system of Windows Embedded CE 6.0, this guide covers memory management, files and file systems, registries, databases, notifications, communications, and more. It is based on the author s extensive experience training developers focused on embedded technologies how to use Windows CE to its fullest capabilities, and covers the latest features in Windows Embedded CE 6.0. The book includes a link to a companion Web site with extensive sample applications in Visual C++.

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