Punk Is Dead Punk Is Everything

Punk Is Dead Punk Is Everything
Gingko Press
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Punk is Dead exposes the lasting impact of Punk on visual culture worldwide. Hundreds of flyers, photos, set lists, vintage fashions and other ephemera from all of your favorite bands are jammed into this menacing volume. Punk is Dead is massive, featuring a wide spectrum of bands that initially catalyzed the scene, and later fueled its global expansion. Contributing writers such as Wayne Kramer, Arturo Vega, Kid Congo, David Yow, Annie Anxiety, Duane Peters, Marc McCoy, Tony Alva, Don Bolles, Trudie and Pat Smear, flesh out the visual assault. This long awaited follow-up to the highly influential bestselling book Fucked Up + Photocopied - Instant Art of the Punk Rock Movement also features hard hitting interviews with Ian Mackaye, one of the most respected voices of the DIY music underground, and Malcolm McLaren, likely the most impactful promoter of the early punk movement. From the unknown to the infamous, they will likely be found within the pages of Punk is Dead, Punk is...

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