Python How to Program, 1/e

Python How to Program, 1/e
Prentice Hall
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This book on Python is very complete and at the time it was published was better than any other book on Python. It is still an excellent book and has more information than any other Python book on the market. I have used the book as my major reference work for several years. For non-GUI programming you will find most of your questions answered in this book. The general tips on structure and theory of programming are particularly useful for people who do not have a formal education and degree in computer science.

I hope the authors will come out with a new edition that heavily covers newer GUI options including wxPython.

If you are new to Python this book is your best option although there have been some changes in Python since this book was published. If you are familiar with Python it can still be a valuable resource for you. If you have a formal education in computer science and also know the peculiarities of Python then perhaps several more specialized books on particular facets of the language and its uses would be more appropriate for you.

GUI programming is not covered sufficiently in this book to eliminate your need for another book focused specifically on the GUI of your choice. I anxiously await the publication of the book on the wxPython GUI which has been delayed several times and is now due by March of 2006.

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