Quantum chaos: An introduction

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Quantum chaos: An introduction
Cambridge University Press
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This volume provides a comprehensive and highly accessible introduction to quantum chaos. It emphasizes both the experimental and theoretical aspects of quantum chaos, and includes a discussion of supersymmetry techniques. Theoretical concepts are developed clearly and illustrated by numerous experimental or numerical examples. The author also shares the first-hand insights that he gleaned from his initiation of the microwave billiard experiments. Additional topics covered include the random matrix theory, systems with periodic time dependences, the analogy between the dynamics of a one-dimensional gas with a repulsive interaction and spectral level dynamics where an external parameter takes the role of time, scattering theory distributions and fluctuation, properties of scattering matrix elements, semiclassical quantum mechanics, periodic orbit theory, and the Gutzwiller trace formula. This book is an invaluable resource for graduate students and researchers working in quantum chaos.

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