Quick Access Windows Pro 70-210 (Quick Access)

Quick Access Windows Pro 70-210 (Quick Access)
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Общедоступная история астрономии в XIX столетии


Groundwater Modeling Utilities is a handy reference guide designed to help groundwater industry professionals learn to use a variety of microcomputer software applications for groundwater modeling and numerical modeling in flow and contaminant migration studies. The book provides the following: (1) handy operation and logic reference supplements to selected groundwater model, pre-processor, post-processor, geostatistics, graphics, CAD, and word processing software supporting documentation; (2) selected model operation practice exercises with extensive step by step input/option prompt and response documentation; and (3) six convenient model database manipulation utility programs stored on two 5-1/4" diskettes included with this book. The disks can be used with all IBM and IBM-compatible computers. The utility programs allow you to convert values from one system of units to another; interpolate between control data points on a curve or surface; calculate heads and partial penetration...

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