RF Technologies for Low Power Wireless Communications

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RF Technologies for Low Power Wireless Communications
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A survey of microwave technology tailored for professionals in wireless communicationsRF Technologies for Low Power Wireless Communications updates recent developments in wireless communications from a hardware design standpoint and offers specialized coverage of microwave technology with a focus on the low power wireless units required in modern wireless systems. It explores results of recent research that focused on a holistic, integrated approach to the topics of materials, devices, circuits, modulation, and architectures rather than the more traditional approach of research into isolated topical areas.Twelve chapters deal with various fundamental research aspects of low power wireless electronics written by world-class experts in each field. The first chapter offers an overview of wireless architecture and performance, followed by detailed coverage of: * Advanced GaAs-based HBT designs * InP-based devices and circuits * Si/SiGe HBT technology * Noise in GaN devices * Power amplifier architectures and nonlinearities * Planar-oriented components * MEMS and micromachined components * Resonators, filters, and low-noise oscillators * Antennas * Transceiver front-end architectures With a clear focus and expert contributors, RF Technologies for Low Power Wireless Communications will be of interest to a wide range of electrical engineering disciplines working in wireless technologies.

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