Response: The Complete Guide to Profitable Direct Marketing

Response: The Complete Guide to Profitable Direct Marketing
Direct Marketing
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Marketing experts know that Direct Marketing is the single most effective way to sell products and services. It is the only form of marketing that is testable, trackable, and, when done the right way, always profitable. Lois K. Geller, a leading Direct Marketing expert, updates her classic book to include the latest tips and techniques, plus expanded coverage of Direct Marketing in the age of the Internet. The new Revised Edition of Response offers all marketers, in any size company, a strategy for creating and sustaining a profitable Direct Marketing program--both on- and off-line. Leading the reader through this program of planning, budgeting, forecasting, testing, building lists, choosing suppliers, selling overseas, and developing loyal customers, Geller explains how to create profitable direct mail packages, print ads, television and radio commercials, inbound and outbound telemarketing programs, and more. Plus, she shows how all of these strategies can be applied to Internet...

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