Robert E. Lee (Classic Reprint)

Robert E. Lee (Classic Reprint)
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cross the seast was a landholder of Stratford-Langton, in the county of Essex, England. According to his own claim, this founder of the Virginian house sprang from that line of knights and gentlenlen bearing the name of Lee who dwelt originally in Shropshire. By King James 1., in 1620, a member of this Shropshire family was honoured with a baronetcy j but, in 1660, the title passed away on the death of the second baronet. The Virginian emigrant did not c1aim descent from these two baronets of the Langley branch, but from the collateral and younger branch, the Lees of Coton Hall. With the Lees oC Ditchley he had no affinity; but a daughter of the latter house, Eleanor Calvert, became the wife of John Parke Custis, and thus unto the wife of Robert Edward was translnitted the blood of a separate and distinct family of Lees. I n the portrait handed down to us, the face of the first Richard Lee of Virginia, framed in the official wig of the colonial Councillor, is marked About the...

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