Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe
Dover Publications
Defoe, Daniel
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Robinson Crusoe


One of the great adventure novels in English literature, `Robinson Crusoe` is the remarkable story of a man shipwrecked and marooned on an uninhabited island for 24 years. This newly condensed version retains all the excitement and vivid detail of the original as it recounts Crusoe`s efforts to survive as a castaway: his struggle to build a shelter, his attempts to grow crops and tame wild animals, his dramatic encounter with Friday - a native he saves from being cannibalized by other savages - and the pair`s eventual escape and return to civilization. Daniel Defoe (1660-1731) was a journalist with an eye for detail and a simple, descriptive style that would be the model for realistic adventure stories for generations to come. He put his skills to excellent use in `Robinson Crusoe`. Filled with unforgettable scenes and enhanced with six new full-page illustrations by John Green, this carefully edited version will captivate new generations and rekindle exciting memories among...

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