Running in Darkness

Running in Darkness
Новинки Зарубежки
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A subtly powerful collection of poetry which celebrates the shape and details of a full life - from youth through middle age to old age - and begins to face the prospect of its loss. With the sure hand of a veteran poet, Robert Currie has created a book of commemoration, of reading into the permanent record, his life, its events, and the beloved people in it - parents, partners and children, writers, teachers, and students. And the people who have begun to leave it. His sweep is all encompassing, from his own imagined conception to - vicariously through his parents demise - his own imagined end. The poems are full of fondness, humour and no little irony, as he looks back at his younger self, and the sometimes, but not always, painful loss of innocence. The final section, deals with the loss of his parents, and the illnesses and untimely death of friends. This life, so full of emotion and event, is drawing near its close. Technique is not the subject here, is not the point. It...

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