Sales Amd Marketing Resumes for $100,000 Careers

Sales Amd Marketing Resumes for $100,000 Careers
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* 140 top-flight sample resumes (with annotations) specifically for sales and marketing jobs plus 20 corresponding cover letters! * Shows readers how to sell themselves into $100,000 jobs! This is a superb collection of 140 annotated resumes and20 corresponding cover letters written especially for top salespeople, managers, and executives in marketing, product management, marketing communication, and sales. And there are dynamite job search strategies and specific insights from recruiters, human resources personnel, and hiring managers. All sample resumes were written by professional resume writers who have been awarded the Master Resume Writer designation from Career Masters Institute?the cream of the crop. Plus, readers get extensiveadvice on writing and polishing powerful resumes, writing cover letters, managing the job search, and using marketing and sales strategies to sell themselves into $100,000+ jobs. New in this edition: Resume and cover letter samples...

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