Sales Training Handbook

Sales Training Handbook
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Although sales managers recognize the need for ongoing sales training, developing the training is incredibly time consuming. Bringing in an outside trainer is expensive and more suited to a full-day even than weekly training. For sales managers who want to train their salespeople themselves, with a minimum of effort, The Sales Training Handbook provides everything a sales manager needs to conduct a weekly training session with a sales team, for one full year. The 52 sales training seminars each contain acomplete script and participant and handouts, so almost no preparation time is required from the sales manager or trainer. The handouts can be downloaded from the web and customized to meet the needs of an individual sales team. Designed to provide a quick training component to a weekly training meeting, each mini-seminar can be completed in just 15-30 minutes. Or, seminars can be combined to create customized training workshops that last a half-day. The Sales Training Handbook will...

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