Sales Training Solutions

Sales Training Solutions
AMACOM/American Management Association
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Compiled together for the first time are 11 top sales trainers, bringing their expertise as trainers to Fortune 500 companies.A Together they have more than 125 years combined sales training experience; have done work in manufacturing, packaging, consumer goods, printing, distribution services, office products, and technology; and have created sales training for direct sales forces as well as brokers, distributors, resellers, and channels.A These authors have worked at or with over 100 of the Fortune 500 companies. They will teach from each of their own expert perspectives how Fortune 500 companies are creating and implementing training. A Topics will include: -What goes on behind closed doors– how training really works -The role that leadership should play in order to be successful -How to assess the competencies and needs of the sales force -How to identify a sales process vs. conducting selling skills training -What...

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