Sandra Lee Semi–Homemade Weeknight Wonders

Sandra Lee Semi–Homemade Weeknight Wonders
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139 Simple Savory Suppers Delicious dinners that will save you time and money while delivering hearty, home–cooked meals in a hurry With Sandra?s wonderful Weeknight Wonders , you can createfresh family dinners every night of the week. Sandra solves all your dinnerdilemmas with time–saving recipes usingher Semi–Homemade combinationof fresh ingredients with everyday pantry favorites. It?s all here:heartyall–American classics, Italian and Mexican favorites, Southern–style comfort foods, family–sized snacks, and made–in–a–flash finger foods. Dinner time can be fun and easy with Weeknight Wonders . Meals are now amazingly quicker with recipes that will keep the whole family asking for more.

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