Sesame Street Abby Nursery Rhymes Mix & Match

Sesame Street Abby Nursery Rhymes Mix & Match
Brighter Child
Новые поступления 2009 г.
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Super fun mix and match pages give readers zany looks for Abby Cadabby, as well as create irresistible and fun twists on their favorite nursery rhymes. Abby Cadabby is dressing up and pretending to be some of her favorite nursery rhyme characters—Humpty Dumpty, The Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe, Little Boy Blue, and more. Each page is broken into three sections (head, body, and feet), so kids can mix and match the entertaining costumes and fun text in more than 200 different ways! Whether they make a new nursery rhyme character, or just set out to create the most outrageous creation they can create, this is an irresistible and engaging book, with touch and feel elements as well. Features nursery rhymes never included in RDCP books before.

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