SharePoint 2007 Disaster Recovery Guide

SharePoint 2007 Disaster Recovery Guide
Microsoft Press
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Microsoft?s SharePoint technology gives organizations access to a wide range of tools and functionality designed to encourage collaboration, manage documents, discover shared knowledge, and much more. As the use of these resources through SharePoint grows, so does an organization?s dependency upon the availability and reliability of its SharePoint infrastructure. Disaster recovery is not a new concept in the realm of information technology nor is it unique to SharePoint, but as with any specialized technical platform, disaster recovery planning for SharePoint presents unique challenges and approaches. The problem is that SharePoint disaster recovery is not as simple as backing up your discs or load balancing your servers. It requires specialized activities to save data for recovery and to subsequently properly recover that same data. SharePoint professionals need a cohesive and comprehensive resource that guides them through the steps of planning, implementing, and testing the right...

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