Shiloh, Unveiled

Shiloh, Unveiled
Writers Club Press
Альтернативная история
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Book DescriptionWho was Jesus? A fanatical pretender to the throne? The son of God sent to reconcile menA?s sins? Or, the leader of a failed revolution, executed in shame? Perhaps all things at once. This epic novel weaves multiple plots, subplots, and complex themes personalizing ALL the historic figures crisscrossing JesusA? life. Herod the Great, who wanted to be the Messiah. Antipas, manipulated by the Sandherin and Herodias. ZechariahA?s scheme to createa Jewish Empire with John and Jesus at its epicenter. One incredible drama after another unfolds in this giant exploration of previously unthinkable adventures of Jesus. Never have the roles of mother, uncle, aunt, and grandparents been so dramatically demonstrated against a background of voracious politics and religion. These intense and original scenes luminously reveal every thought and word that Jesus spoke in a fresh interpretation, rendered courageously and...

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