Simulations for Digital Electronics Using Electronic Workbench

Simulations for Digital Electronics Using Electronic Workbench
Delmar Thomson Learning
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This lab manual provides hands-on experience in using the virtual instruments of Electronic Workbench to simulate the operation of many typical digital circuits -- from basic logic gates (AND, OR, inverter) through decoders, oscillators, D/A converters, and others. It features clear, multi-step procedures supported with screen shots for each step, troubleshooting exercises, critical thinking questions, and an accompanying disk with all necessary files. Each laboratory contains: Objectives; a summary of the relevant theory; a multi-step Procedure containing schematic figures for the circuits under examination; Tables for measured data; a troubleshooting exercise; critical-thinking questions. Features many screen shots that show exactly what to expect. An accompanying diskette contains all of the circuit files necessary to run each experiment. For anyone interested in learning how to use Electronic Workbench to analyze digital circuits.

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