Social and Emotional Profiles of Bullies and Victims

Social and Emotional Profiles of Bullies and Victims
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Research has shown that bullying has negative short- and long-term effects on individual victims and bullies, and that all students suffer because it contributes to a school climate of fear and intimidation. This study examines the social and emotional skills of students involved with bully/victim interactions. Data on 5th grade students in an urban, low-economic school district were collected. Teachers and students identified more than half of the students to be involved in bully/victim interactions. Bullies and Dual-Status students (those that bully others and are victimized) were best characterized by aggressive, externalizing, and hyperactive behaviors, whereas Non-Involved students were characterized by the absence of these problem behaviors, and Victims were characterized as suffering from internalizing symptoms. These results are useful for all professionals working with school-aged children, as they suggest that all students involved in bully/victim interactions should be...

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