Soft Timing Recovery and Applications to Wireless Mobile Receivers

Soft Timing Recovery and Applications to Wireless Mobile Receivers
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This dissertation presents a digital timing recovery framework for wireless cellular mobile receivers. The focus of this study is on the modelling of fast timing recovery receivers operating in low signal to noise ratio environments with limited signal power and bandwidths. In order to achieve this, a bandwidth and power efficient transmitter and wireless communication channel model has been developed. The developed model is incorporated into iterative turbo receivers for a new timing recovery framework. The turbo receiver iteratively computes soft decisions (with large dynamic range) that benefit the timing recovery model to generate reliable soft timing signals which in turn improves the decoding time. The proposed timing recovery scheme maximises on a turbo receiver’s ability to optimize its performance in low signal to noise ratio conditions on the channel. The proposed timing recovery framework is applied to GSM, GPRS and EDGE communication systems which currently use bandwidth...

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