Solid State Physics, 6th Edition

Solid State Physics, 6th Edition
Издательство Ивана Лимбаха
Поступления 2009 г. Наука. Разное
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Бал, Капитан Храбров, Домик в Коломне, Медный всадник, Эрпели, Сирота, Сказка для детей, Встреча Нового года, Параша, Машенька


KEY FEATURES:-New edition of classic text-First international edition- Cross disciplinary, with engineering applications-Author with teaching experience of more than four decades ABOUT THE BOOK: This sixth edition has been improved qualitatively and quantitatively to include many new features. The book is intended for the beginners, the postgraduate students and preparation for higher studies. The subjects covered in the book include review of atomic structure, interatomic forces and bonding in solids, crystal physics, wave nature of matter and X-ray diffraction, electrical properties of metals, thermal properties of solids, superconductivity, magnetic properties of materials, physics of semiconductors, dielectrics and related properties, optical properties of solids, insulating materials and their properties, and composite materials. ABOUT THE AUTHOR(S): Dr Pillai has a doctorate in Ultrasonics & Material Science. He has guided candidates in the field of ultrasonics for...

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