Specialist Training in: Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV

Specialist Training in: Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV
Peachpit Press
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Book DescriptionThis innovative resource is a "bridge" between an introductory survey text and a very large, comprehensive reference designed for the specialist, while retaining the best qualities of each. Its comprehensive, concisely presented coverage encompasses all aspects of the diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients with sexually transmitted infections and HIV. Evidence-based treatment options are presented whenever possible, and references direct readers to more in-depth sources. Full-color illustrations and photographs, bulleted lists, and tables make information easy to access and bring the text to life. * Presents important information in a quick-access format with bulleted lists, boxes, and tables. * Offers evidence-based treatment options, with references, wherever possible. * Includes an outstanding collection of full-color illustrations and photographs. * Provides relevant case histories and associated questions at the end of each chapter, to reinforce...

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